Take control of your website design!

 In a ever increasingly competing business world you should be able to update and change your website; hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Your webdesign company should not be your limitation to move and change based your business needs!

 Your website should be;

  1. easy to update when and as you need to
  2. available on all your customer devices
  3. listed high on search engine result pages
  4. a 24x7x365 "salesman"
  5. cost effective and with-in your budget


Take control of your website design now



Here is how we assist you with taking control of your website design

 Content Management Systems (CMS)

Designing your website using a Content Management System means that you will be able to update your own website content in future yourself.


Professional Image

Don't spend thousands of rands on creating images for your website, a responsive template will drive your CMS catering for all devices giving you a professional image .  When you host your website with Web Design Box we will register your domain free of charge. Choose one of our Hosting packages


 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Designing the basic website elements correctly will ensure that you have a good start to rank high on search engines result pages. Numerous free tools will assist you in monitoring your success.  The most important tools are: Google Analytics ® and Google Webmaster Tools ®


24X7X365 Salesman

Even if you are not ready to start selling your products or services on-line, your website design must have strong call to actions to ensure that you capitalise on the investment by converting traffic into leads and sales



Each website design is unique and will be quoted on individually ensuring that you optimise your investment.