Targeted traffic to your website!

Getting traffic to your website is as important as designing your website. With so many options available to get visitors to your site. 

Your marketing campaign must;

  1. ensure that your website gets listed high on search engine result pages.
  2. be interactive through banners, page take overs or multimedia on targeted websites
  3. interact with your customers where they spend most of their time thinking about your products or services
  4. be track-able from ad display through to the quote or purchase.
  5. managed and flexible to ensure you maximise your return on investment (ROI)


Get targeted traffic to your website






Here is how we get targeted traffic to your website through online marketing

Search engine targeting

Through search engine marketing and/or search engine optimisation your website can be in the top search engine results.  This will either take time (SEO) or budget (SEM)

Banners and Multimedia

To optimise your budget we can place your ads on the internet utilising a number of techniques and strategies. These may vary from direct placement with a website owner to selecting websites within a content network and can either be managed through impressions, clicks, leads or sales.

 Social Media Marketing

Using social media you will not only be able to interact with your customers directly but you will get insights on what your customers really want on-line.  Various social platforms exist and based on your products or services we can get the interaction going on numerous platforms like; twitter, facebook yourtube and linkedin.

Management and reporting

The beauty of on-line marketing is that every interaction or action can be tracked and traced, management of your campaign will be done on a minute to hour to daily basis based on the life of the campaign. The campaign manager will ensure that your budget is managed and that you get the ROI


Each website marketing campaign has its own goals and budget, we will quote on each campaign and work with you to ensure your budget is optimised for results